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Euthanasia and How it's Effecting the World

What's happening today?
......the world?

Many countries in the world such as France, Colombia, and New Zealand have confusion and hold debates concerning the future of euthanasia. Updating, current euthanasia issues consist of the British hospitals which are hastening the death of elderly patients, and killing children with defects which the Government Advisor has passed and is acceptable in Great Britain. In Switzerland, the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences is now open to euthanasia. This all proves that the present situation of euthanasia is that many medical associations around the world are becoming passive regarding many of the negative influence that once circulated this hot topic. Although times are advancing and euthanasia isn't as big a deal as it was about 20 years back, there are still unions, countries, and associations that aren't entirely open to the idea.
How is it affecting me?

As a youth in todays modern world...euthanasia to me, seems right and I believe it should be an open subject to discuss and act upon with individual choice.

It affects me becuase I feel strongly about this topic. I wish for it to be a law passed and open to the public that wishes to use euthanasia.

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