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What will the outcome of Euthanasia be?

What's will happen?
One of the positive outcomes of the debate surrounding euthanasia is that our society is beginning to focus on improving the process of dying as the physician writers of a recent article in new England Journal of Medicine discuss. If the suggestion they made are accepted by their own profession and the related disciplines such as nursing, the number of difficult decisions would undoubtedly decrease. Because we have long seen the nurse as the humanist in the system, nurses will certainly welcome changes that will make the termination of life gentler on the patients. However, we must remember, humanizing is not enough. we have proved that technology is a tool that can save a life or prolong it indefinately at great cost to the patient in his loss of dignity, to the family in dragging their grief out, and to the overburdened system itself.

Assuming Future Status

Assuming that future situations dont change doesnt give us mush hope about future technology. My input on this current situation is that, euthanasia should be a choice. I think the greatest solution for this problem, to avoid chaos in society and make everyone happy, is to make euthanasia legal...but euthanasia should only be commited by individual choice or in highly fatal situations.

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